The Other Space
The Other Space

Maarten Enghien – Inès Collin

26-27-28 NOVEMBER 2021



Matute Exhibition at The Other Space

From 4th till 20th November 2021

Mixing the ancient Inca Peruvian jewellery-making heritage and the contemporary jewellery knowledge, Matute developed a new language, involving the present with the past. Creating a series of Hair Combs inspired by the traditional Peruvian dance “Marinera” in collaboration with the Amautas Alejandro Rodriguez. Amautas (Qechua dialect). They have had the task of sharing and continuing the ancient knowledge of jewellery techniques since Inca times. The aristocracy of talent during the Inca empire. Teachers of the arts and sciences, mainly the jewellers and craftsmen of gold and silver. This project is part of the “Matute Foundation”, This organization creates a change in the art educational level of the teenagers living in San Jerónimo de Tunan, Junin Region in the Peruvian highlands. The main idea of this project is to generate the empowerment of the teenagers in San Jerónimo town located in the highlands of Junín Region in Perú. Make high school students aware that it is possible to help maintain the cultural background using art in collaboration with the silversmiths & goldsmiths of their region called Amautas, and that through art it is also possible to generate economic income that will benefit the level of their education.

TO BE 2020
Falling Leaves
Reconstructed Atom II
Distorted Hand
TO BE 2020

In her artistic practice, Dora Brams works with patterns and structures, and their limits.

Almost all of her work can be viewed as a puzzle or as a mosaic of pieces that belong together. But they all originate from the incomprehension of existing systems and their absurdity.

Would you like an Excel composition in your mailbox?



By Rune Tuerlinckx
2021, cotton fabric, sisal, cotton thread

I figured, in these unclaimed territories, it is best to bring a coat.

Under construction

Natalia’s work focuses on the fragile construction of in-between identities. In search of a place to call home she turns to socialist architecture, the concrete buildings feel so familiar yet estranging.

Are these images of childhood memories or is it mere nostalgia of a time and place that never existed?


In haar werk zet Margot Coremans de mens open en bloot te kijk voor zichzelf. Op het podium van zijn bestaan, slechts de onwetende kikker uit de biologieles.

DISSECTIE vormt eveneens een schreeuw voor de uitgehongerde maag van de cultuursector, voor de lege zalen en de gesnoerde spelers.

'Error in Ypsilon'

Frederic Pels presented his photography series at The Other Space, During this year’s edition of TO BE Antwerp
27/11/2020 - 11/12/2020

‘Error in Ypsilon’ is mainly focused on the undefined explorations on personal attachments towards physical- and environmental distortions caused by certain setbacks. Approached in a reconstructed docu-fictional form to visualize the invisible side effects that have been caused.